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Hiroshima Gallery
Introduction to “Hiroshima BOX / Made in Hiroshima Gallery”
Hiroshima Prefecture is home to a wide variety of industries, and has shined as the prefecture with the largest number of manufactured goods shipments in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions over the past 14 consecutive years. This success is supported by the power of “innovation” that many companies across the prefecture engage in, leveraging excellent manufacturing techniques and know-how, and unleashing a spirit of challenge toward new environments.
The Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall renewed its Made in Hiroshima Products Corner in May 2016 and opened a new “Hiroshima BOX / Made in Hiroshima Gallery” in the Lobby on the 1st floor of the West Exhibition Hall to display and introduce products that are the fruits of “innovation” that companies in the prefecture are engaged in.
“Hiroshima BOX / Made in Hiroshima Gallery” exhibits products and models made in Hiroshima in 50 cm squared acryl boxes as “treasures” of Hiroshima. Captions are displayed to introduce the features and appeal of each company and product, and leaflets are distributed to visitors. The exhibitions are changed about three times a year according to theme.
This “Hiroshima BOX Virtual Gallery” recreates the Gallery for those who cannot visit Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall or those who want to view the current exhibitions.
We would be delighted if viewers take the opportunity to experience a taste of actually seeing the exhibitions in person at “Hiroshima BOX / Made in Hiroshima Gallery” in this 360° panoramic view.
We sincerely hope that people viewing “Hiroshima BOX Virtual Gallery” can experience the “flair of manufacturing techniques” and the “beauty of design” in each and every product made in Hiroshima.
Public Interest Foundation, Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization
(Designated Manager of Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall)