Excellent goods made in Hiroshima! Made in
Hiroshima Gallery
The Hiroshima product which passion of Hiroshima produces.
This is a gallery displaying and introducing excellent goods made in Hiroshima (Hiroshima Products) in 21 display boxes installed in the Lobby of the West Exhibition Hall of the Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall.
(*Exhibitions are planned to be changed four times a year.)
Exhibition Schedule
Monthly Hiroshima Box
(4th Exhibition Term: “Traditional Handicrafts, General Goods” ongoing)
These products are exhibition now.
  • 2018.01.014th Exhibition Term has started.
  • 2017.10.013rd Exhibition Term has started.
  • 2017.07.012nd Exhibition Term has started.
  • 2017.04.011st Exhibition Term has started.
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